Accompany farmer with knowledge for sustainable farming

With #BinaBersama we are helping smallholder farmers by delivering knowledge using analytical data to develop sustainable farming method with economic feasibility.

Part 1: Problem Statement

Part 2: Our Solution

Agri Sparta Ecosystem

Delivering knowledge to small holder farmers require proper infrastructure in place, Agri Sparta Ecosystem make sure our goal can be delivered using the right technology

Karsa Sparta

A modern distribution network that effectively bridges product knowledge between principals, toko tanis, and farmers at high operational efficiency

Mitra Sparta

An enhanced toko tani with a dedicated agri-doctor at partner stores to perform field visit, diagnosis, recommendation, and upskilling to farmers

Bina Sparta

Accompany smallholder farmers to achieve sustainable farming methods with economic feasibility using reliable analytical data

#BinaBersama Agri Sparta

Empowering smallholder farmers holds the key to building sustainable food industry in Indonesia

Our Business Partners